Stay young, don’t get old

The man in green

I saw him struggling with his rollator on the wobbly pavement in Croydon, he was an older man and had problems walking. I passed him carefully, and a few seconds later I heard something fall down behind me. His rollator wouldn’t go up the curb, it had folded together, and he was laying on the street, struggling to get up again. I went back and helped him up.

“That has never happened to me before” he said, getting back on his feet.
“Well I hope You didn’t hurt yourself ?” I said to him.
“No I am alright, thank you dear” he said.
I folded out his rollator, and made sure it was stable enough for him to walk with.
He was ready to continue his walk. And he was old, but he hadn’t lost his sense of humor, he was after all a true Brit. And a charming one too.
“So do you want a ride to Croydon city centre ?” he said, “It might take a while, because I am not that fast anymore, but we will be there around 5pm” he smiled.
“Oh that sounds nice” I smiled back “I would love that!”
We both laughed.
“Bless you” he said, “thank you for helping me up.”
“You’re very welcome” I said.
He laid a hand on my back.
“Stay young child, don’t get old”.

I wish I knew how to do that. Then I would make him a couple of years younger too, I think he would like that. In his mind he wasn’t old at all.

3 thoughts to “Stay young, don’t get old”

  1. You are the kind of girl to give up your place in the tube to an older person.
    Chapeau !

  2. All Brits do that really ! That still amazes me, but I like that a lot, they seem more considerate.

    And this post wasn’t meant to be a show off of how polite I am, but more like a reminder that you should enjoy your life right here right now. You are old before you know it.

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