Step into another world : The Mandir, London

Mandir temple, London
You have to jump on the tube, and take a long journey North West to visit the Mandir temple. You reach areas where the underground changes to overground, and you get off at Stonebridge Park (Bakerloo Line). When you leave the train you can see the impressive Wembley Stadium which is currently being rebuild, and delayed, and on walking distance from this station.

But this wasn’t the reason for my trip in this direction of London.

I was here to visit the Mandir. I walked for about 10 minutes, and ended up in a somewhat boring suburb, but suddenly there it was, this fantastic white marble building.

Mandir temple, London

Made of 5.000 tonnes of Italian marble, which got shipped to India where craftsman have handcarved all the figures and ornaments on this beautiful beautiful temple. After that it got shipped to London where they put it all together to this impressive piece of work. A solid marble temple, and the largest one of it’s kind outside of India.

It’s probably one of London’s most overseen attractions, I had never even heard about it before, until I read something about it in the news paper.

Mandir temple, London

If you have never been to India, appreciate beautiful architecture, or maybe want to know more about Hinduism – come to London, and visit the Mandir.
The people are very friendly and proud about their temple, and willing to tell you everything about it. It is free to visit. (You have to take off your shoes, and taking pictures or filming is not allowed inside).
They also have a very interesting exhibition called “Understanding Hinduism” about Hinduism, and the meaning of the many gods and figures you can see all over the Mandir. (Entrance ?2,= which is absolutely worth it)

Do I need to say : Very very recommended ?

The Mandir temple, tube : Stonebridge Park (Bakerloo Line)

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