The Fool On The Hill

I know I complained about it, but even though the weather was as good as it can be, I stayed inside to watch Holland – Serbia/Monte Negro at 3pm. 3pm UK time that was, which was about an hour too late, so I missed the first half. I keep forgetting that I am living in another timezone now.

After this act of misplaced nationalism, I needed some fresh air. And I knew where to get it. Hopping off at Belsize Park (Northern Line), I began walking, on my way to Hampstead Heath (a big park in the north of London).

But just before the real climbing began (I was heading for Parliament Hill) I needed some water. And how convenient – I passed a Marks & Spencers.

Now we all know about their overrated counters for under 5 items, right. But M&S made up for that today, because they were selling – are you ready for this, as I surely wasn’t – Bill Nighy chocolates. Or rather Davy Jones chocolates, but Bill is Davy, and Davy is Bill, so they are basically Bill Nighy chocolates, on a stick.
Did I buy some ? Of course I did. Now he is not only chocolate for the ears, but also chocolate for the, brains I guess. And I won’t get anyway near describing what and how and why, but I bought two of them, and you can figure out yourself what I am going to do with them.
Exactly. Eat him, obviously.
Eat them. Eat them, I mean.

Hampstead Heath on the other hand (let’s change the subject before I am getting myself in trouble) is huge and beautiful, and Parliament Hill is one of the highest points here (> 90 meter) and it has a marvelous view over London. From Canary Warf, the Millenium Dome, the Gerkin, St. Pauls Cathedral, Westminster tower to the tv tower in Crystal Palace, you can see it all. A nice place if you want a break from hectic city life.

And with all the seats available to sit on, it is a perfect place to indulge some, erhm, chocolate.

3 thoughts to “The Fool On The Hill”

  1. They didn’t sell any Ralph Fiennes chocolates as well by any chance? ;-)

    Hey Ingrid, I just found your weblog today and am really enjoying reading it. I *have* seen “The Girl In The Cafe” by the way and enjoyed it immensely. Did you see Bill in The Constant Gardener? The scene in the club was one of my favourite scenes.

    Seems we have lots in common actually – so I’ll continue reading your blog. Thanks for an interesting read!

  2. Hey Jette – Uhm no, but they had Johnny Depp and Orlando chocolates too :-)

    I did see Bill in the Constant Gardener, I see everything he is in, even if he’s only in it for 2 minutes.

    I love Ralph Fiennes too by the way, he was fantastic in the Constant Gardener, and the film itself the best film (after The Girl In The Cafe) I have seen in 2005. The scene in the club with posh Bill is indeed very enjoyable.
    Thanks for stopping by!

    @yak – damn, a slip of the pen. What are those wooden things you can sit on called then ? :-)

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