What’s in the girls mind

Well not much at the moment. Or maybe too much.
It is funny, this process of writing. I have a long list of things to write about so it’s not that I lack any ideas. I could write about the man in the park, about a funky tower in London, about how I was woken by the Big Ben this morning (too late though and I missed my Caterham train again – but waking up by Big Ben talking to you is kind of funky isn’t it) or how I seem to be ending in some kind of warp hole when it comes to writing right after posting a picture of a certain Brit actor (I guess I understand what “Bill posters will be prosecuted” means now, they come at night and vacuum clean your brains for any creativity if you don’t obey. This is the second time it happens.).
To cut a short and uninteresting story even shorter, I can’t get anything decent out at the moment.

So instead go enjoy the weather, or watch a football game, or try to imagine how I get treated at work for having my orange “Hup Holland Hup” sign up, being amongst a couple of hardcore football fanatic Englishmen.
I’ll be back. If they don’t kill me that is, those Englishmen.

3 thoughts to “What’s in the girls mind”

  1. Crouch did it! Scored in a very normal, traditional way against the Trinis.
    To me the odd one is Rooney. Kind of a boxer type.

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