Imagine Me & You (8.5/10)

Imagine Me & You (2005)

I was in a very bad mood, went into the cinema, and came out with a very big smile on my face after seeing Imagine Me & You. This not so typical (but still) rom com turned out to be a real mood booster. No one makes better rom coms than the Brits.

And Anthony Head (I never saw Buffy, but did you see him in Dr. Who ?) has now definetely reserved a place on my dreamcast list. He has a delicious voice, can play a charming Brit as nearly no other, and he is very very funny.

Well 4 reasons why you might want to see this film:

It’s not about boy – girl, but it turns out to be about girl-girl attraction. Credits for daring. It’s in no way a Brokeback Mountain though, but a very nice rom com and feel good movie.

It’s filmed on location in (sorry but I just love that) London. The longer I am here, the more places in films I am starting to recognize. It’s nice.

You get both Anthony Head and Ben Miles in one film.

The Turtles – Imagine Me & You keeps sitting in your head until long after the film. And that isn’t too bad, it will cheer you up.

Apart from that, what a film treats are laying ahead. Stormbreaker, Notes on a Scandal, Pirates and Flushed Away are all Billicious and coming this year. Kevin Spacey is irresistable as Lex Lutor in the Superman Returns film (what a fantastic piece of casting that is, he is nearly as spooky as John Doe in Se7en) and I also saw the very first trailer of Casino Royale, with Daniel Craig as the new James Bond. Here they did some interesting casting too, as both Jesper Christensen and danish hunk Mads Mikkelsen (playing the villain) are playing in the new Bond, and they are certainly among my favourite Danish actors. I like Bond films, so I look forward to this one too.

Who needs football anyway.

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  1. Anthony Head displayed his early potential in the 80’s with his groundbreaking performance in the “Gold Blend” commercials. The whole nation was rooting for him to sleep with that uptight cow (Sharon Maughan) for months. The man is a national asset and British icon.

  2. @Wolfie: I removed all the flags, they were not that accurate, obviously. Your IP number got mapped to the USA, and I have no idea why.

    Talking about British icons, are there any other ones I have completely overseen (I know Nighy – and I am trying to catch up with the others) ? Anthony Head was a very rare sight on Danish tv (apart from in Buffy) which is probably the reason for my late discovery. I know he does theatre work too, and I will definetely keep an eye on any coming performances with him. (I’ll check his website, thanks for the link)

  3. Ha – this is a funny discovery. Anthony’s brother was Murray Head which had a hit with “One Night In Bangkok” in the 80’s. I always found that such a weird name, but now I can see that his last name actually really is Head.

  4. Ah yes, I did of course notice him in Gideons Daughter. And know he was in Friends & Croc’s too, but haven’t seen that one yet. I have heard him in the Canterbury Tales (though I admit I didn’t know it was him at the time) and have probably seen him in Wimbledon but was unaware of him there too. I’ll keep an eye out for him too, just read he is going to do theatre too, so an excellent possibility to check him out. Thanks for the tip!

    Oh, and while we are at it – Robert is exactly 1 day (!) younger than Bill Nighy :-)

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