So after a visit to the Cafe, the weather being lovely, I went on a walk. Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street, and left into Oxford Street. The last shops were closing after a long and busy day and it was quiet walking here. Until I heard something weird. It sounded like – a voice of some sort?
I looked around but I didn’t see anyone, it sounded further away.
“Ahrr. Get me out o’ here ! I want me ship !”
And suddenly I saw him. Davy Jones, trapped in the Disney Store on Oxford Street. Well, well.

“Ahrrr ! Get me out o’ here now ! If you don’t, you owe me your soul, and I know 18 different ways t’ come and collect it !” he raised his crab claw hand to make it all more impressive.
“Hey man, I know who you are, you got my soul already, and if you want me to even consider helping you, you better behave a lot more nicely than this.” I said to him.
“Ahrrrr!” he pirated in protest.
“OK then, bye!” I walked away.
“Ahrrr wait!”
I slowly turned around and looked at him. “Yes?”
“Can you get me out?”
“Aren’t you forgetting something?” I said.
“Can you get me out o’ here – please?” he looked kind of desperate now, and I felt sorry for him.
“They took away my ship and my crew and they locked me up here together with this ridiculous Jack Sparrrrroww ! …”
“OK, calm down, take it easy now. The shop is closed and I can’t get you out right now, but I’ll be back for you tomorrow. If you behave that is !”
“Ahrrr, tomorrow. You keep your promise to Davy Jones?”
“Yes I come and get you tomorrow, be ready then. Now, be nice !”

Saturday I went back, and long before I reached the Disney Store I could hear him shouting at everybody coming close to him. Was this really a good idea ?
I walked towards him.
“You can come with me but stop shouting at everybody and put that sword away, you don’t need it here, we are not at sea. Behave and be nice to me, ’cause I am all you got here, got it? ”
He nodded and I think he understood, and he is here now.
It’s nice to have company and to have him around even though he is loud sometimes, and he does have a temper. But I’ll let him stay until I have found out what to do with him. I might even show him around in London a bit.
And the good thing is – he is an excellent story teller.
(Pirates of the Caribbean has premiere 10 days from now).

10 thoughts to “Davy”

  1. “Pirated” — That is a great verb, Ms. Girl In the Cafe –“pirated,” as in “He growled and banged his stump of a leg and then pirated, “Get me to the Tower of London, girl. I hate this Disney hogswallop.”

  2. “hogswallop” – that is a nice word, I like the sound of it though I have no idea what it means!
    I guess it means something like “dump” ?

    But that’s exactly the reason why I need to read, read, read a lot of English books this summer, my English vocabulary and internal dictionary need to be extended in a rush.
    And Davy – I’m far from finished with him yet, and he will probably show up again here.

  3. It’s one of those words you say in your head sometimes when you encounter a thing or an idea that’s outrageously and irritatingly incorrect. I’ve never heard anyone say it out loud. In fact, I don’t even know if it’s a real word. I just tried to look it up on google — lots of people use it, but the online dictionary told me it was a hogswallop of a word that didn’t exist in its dictionary universe.

    Your English vocabulary is fabulous, by the way. I’m amazed by people who can navigate so well in more than one language.

  4. Ingrid…I just read something about Bill narrating a documentary about the harms of smoking..on BBC two (?). (not sure if that’s a TV channel since I’m a yank)..but thought you’d like to know. I was reading the blog on the Bill Nighy Experience.

  5. Hi Girl, BBC 2 is a tv channel yes :-) I haven’t really found any information about Bill narrating anything there, but will keep an eye (and ear) on it. He does a lot of narrating work, it’s hard to follow up with this guy !

    Oh – and a big thank you for the tip of course !!

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