New York, New York at last?

The last few times when I had to decide where to travel to on holiday, I had no idea where to go. So I waited. I waited because I knew that the answer to that luxury question would suddenly present itself somehow and then I would go.

That happened about a year ago with Greenland. Greenland had been on my “to-see” list (I am a list person) for a while already, and suddenly a chance popped up. My musical heroes were going to play a concert there, and everything felt into place. I went to see Greenland for a week, and attended the concert in the middle of nowhere in a icecovered Greenland and I had a fantastic trip.

Now on the same list it says “New York”.
I have been wanting to see New York for a while now, but never really got to it. I need a kind of push in the back to actually get going so to speak. I think the push has arrived now:

“I am going to do a play at the end of the year in New York, in fact. I am going to do a play called, “The Vertical Hour”, written by David Hare, with Julianne Moore, directed by Sam Mendes …sounds good doesn’t it, and then there’s me! [laughter] Anyway … I’ll fuck it up. “

If this really is going to happen (and if I can get any tickets at all), I am absolutely going, despite november not rrrreally being the best period of the year to be there, weatherwise that is. But if I can travel to an iceberg in Greenland to see Steffen Brandt, I certainly can travel to New York to see him, on stage. And I will.

Of course he is not going to fuck it up (don’t you just love this guy), he is going to be the star of the play, I’m sure. And the director being Sam Mendes, he is going to be a true American Beauty, with a delicious English accent. Just as long as he returns to London after that, because we like having him over here.

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  1. Even if you don’t get tickets, NY is worth the horribly long flight. A few tips: forget the statue of liberty (long lines for not a whole lot), see Ellis Island instead. And take a bus from Central Park down to lower Manhattan (or v.v.) to experience the state of the roads (hear the small change tingle!) And get up at 5.30am on and Easter Sunday to see Manhattan utterly deserted, though I guess that’s a bit hard in summer.

  2. Thanks for the tips! It’s is scheduled for November December, so I might do the 5.30 am early wake up thing. It was definetely worth doing in London, and it is nice to see a big city abandoned.

  3. I just got back from NYC this spring – saw Ralph Fiennes on stage in “Faith Healer”. Truly magnificient! Go for it, girl. Bill Nighy on stage definitely sounds worth it. And NYC is fantastic no matter what time of year it is.
    Jealous about your trip to Greenland btw. Very jealous :-)

  4. @Jette – are you Danish originally ? And seeing Ralph Fiennes on stage, I would like that too.

    Greenland has been the most extraordinary trip I have been on ever. It is shockingly expensive, but you never ever forget it. In real it’s so much better than on the pictures.

    I really really really, really hope I can get tickets for Bill Nighy if he really is going to do this play. (though I think he is as he says so himself). Though in my ears it nearly sounds to good to be true. :)

  5. I’d really love to see this play too! I’ve never been to NYC (not counting JFK Airport) and the thought of seeing the sites along with “him” in theatre…too much! Please keep us posted on what you find out about tickets. I’m seriously wanting to go. (adding to my list of must see/do’s)

  6. I will ! If you hear something – please let me know too. You might hear something before me, being in the US.
    I would travel into space to see him !
    The play is going to be performed in December by the way, not November as i previously wrote.

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