I bring it to you

My head is somewhat full with joyfull things at the moment, which is good, but that means that the words don’t really want to get out right.

So in stead of giving you some crapilicious writing, I give you the song I have been trapped in for quite a while now. And if you were in London, peeking through my blinds at the late hours of day, you could see me dancing (in the most pathetic way of course) on it way too often lately.

I thought you might like to dance a bit too, so press play and get ready for some UK funkiliciousness:
[audio:Infadels – Love like semtex.mp3]

(They (the funky Brits) are called the Infadels, and I think semtex is the perfect metaphor for a thing that can have as explosive an effect as love)

I’m at my feet now
but boy
I’m still falling at ya

7 thoughts to “I bring it to you”

  1. Yeah
    you should see my feet move, while paying attention to the music
    hurts the eye, but sure feels good

  2. This is a historical moment George :-) I had to move all the way to London to finally come up with some music you like ! Impressive.

  3. Big thumbs up! I love that. Sometime, you’ll have to tell me how you actually accomplish something like that (getting the music onto your page, I mean). It was such a fun blast in the middle of hte afternoon. I’m wide awake now. Best, BL

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