Sleep beauty

I was laying comfortably in my bed. Asleep. Not the deepest of sleeps, but still asleep. I felt that a background process in my brains was nagging me, it was sending some signals to my very sleepy head. I received the signals but since I was asleep still, they failed to trigger any actions. I slept on.

A while later the signals got stronger. My head was interpreting them now, and the signals now got directed to other parts of my body. First to my eyelids. One did respond by slowly opening up, the other one didn’t bother to do anything yet. A bit later a signal drizzled down my right arm onto my hand. A finger began to move, one more, a hand came to life. It slowly pulled away the sheet I was lying under. My back and stomache muscles awoke too. They turned around, and I had to follow as I was more or less attached to them.

My other eyelid had catched up in the mean time, and was half open too. There was so much light to process.
I rolled on, and my eyes fell upon the thing my brains were aiming for. My alarmclock.
My body was still enjoying the feeling of having had a good night sleep.
Then the alarm went off.
Not on my clock, my clock was silent. But in my head it felt like the Big Ben was tolling right inside it.
The clock was telling me that I, at this exact moment, should have been sitting behind my desk and computer at work, being busy with writing lines of code. But I was still in bed.

I was going to be aggresively late, again, and this time I couldn’t come up with any interplanetary problems as an excuse. I probably had pressed “Shut up for the rest of the day” in stead of “Annoy me again in 9 minutes” on my alarmclock.

I called my work, and got my boss on the line.
“Hi Ingrid, how are you doing?”
“Well, ehrm, uhh, yes, well I overslept …”
“Ha ha, well thanks for letting me know. Is this pirate troubling you too much?”
How the f*** did he know about that ?
“No, no not at all, my alarmclock didn’t go off, I’ll be there asap”.

I stood up, brushed teeth, washed, clothes on, and I zombied my way to the Caterham train, 1.5 hour later than normal.
And here I am now. Life/Live blogging in the train. It’s a beautiful day, warm and sunny and it gives me a half an hour to slowly wake up. The one thought that had been occupying my head for a few days now is back.
Guess what that thought is.

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