These are the days

Bill Nighy - King of Coolness - in London
“You might as well eat your lunch” the pirate said to me “’cause it is not going to make any difference anyway. If it doesn’t happen today, it will happen some other day.” He would make sure of that, he promised.
I tried to believe him, and I tried to calm down but it was very hard. I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t eat.

Gosh it is pathetic how nervous I was. And probably all for nothing.

Davy gently squeezes my cheek with his tentacle arm. “It’s going to be alright” he says.
I said the same thing to him a week ago. It’s amazing how much he has changed, he is much calmer now, and he has become a true friend.

We arrive at Leicester Square, after a hot ride in the tube. London is still in the middle of a heatwave at the moment.
Leicester Square is packed with people. Completely. About 10 times as many people as with the Mission Impossible premiere, I guess Johnny Depp is a tad more popular than Tom Cruise.
I am ready to turn around and give up right away. Davy stands on my shoulder, overlooking the crowd.
“Absolutely hopeless!” I say to him. I am disappointed, I am angry, I am frustrated. Very. And I hate film premieres when they are as crowded as this.
“Let’s go to the beginning of the fence, there where the cars come in” he said.
“But that’s as far from the cinema as you can get, complete waste of time” I say to him.
“Arhh, trust me” he said.
We walked that direction, away from the crowd, away from the cinema, away from the screaming girls.
At the end of the fences a big white limousine with dark windows was parked. There was someone in the car, someone important because several people talked to the person in the back of the car.
“You think it’s him ?” I asked the pirate.
“I told you to trust me”.
We waited for someone to come out of the car. We were both dying to know who was in it.
Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow had already arrived, we could hear the girls screaming his name. Davy ahrr’ed a bit when he heard that. “Jack Sparrrrrrow, that fool !”
“Easy now” I said.
Suddenly the engine of the limo got started, it turned and drove off.
Davy and I looked quite surprised at each other.
“Damn we missed him!” I said.
“I’m sorry” Davy said, “I really thought he was in that car”.
“Well I don’t feel like throwing myself in the crowd to catch a glimpse of Johnny or Orlando. So pirate, sit down, we are going home”.
He sat down, his arm around my neck, ready to go.

I turned around and suddenly he just stood there.
Sharpdressed, beautiful suit, beautiful man, nice tan.
I could feel my heart skipping at least 2 beats.
He looked stunning.
I heard Davy catch his breath too.
I have no idea where he suddenly came from (S. might have something to do with it) but he stood there, just a few meters away from me.
He was in a hurry though.
I quickly fished my Guide from my backpack. I had promised myself not to say anything pathetic, I could hardly speak anyway, but I managed to ask him if he wanted to sign my Hitchhikers Guide.
Of course he wanted that. He even had his own pen with him he said, prepared for the large crowd waiting for him on both sides of the red carpet.
I thanked him, he smiled and off he went to the rest of the eagerly awaiting crowd.

Don’t buy heroine kids
Meet Bill Nighy
And you get high (or should I say Nigh) for free

I am now officially the happiest girl in the Universe. This was BIG. So BIG that I haven’t really landed yet. So BIG, that if I hadn’t taken any pictures I wouldn’t have believed it. And if you are looking for me, I am orbitting in space somewhere the coming days. How lucky can you be.

Bill Nighy, my god what a guy. Cool, gracious and charming beyond belief.

These are the days that I’ve been missing
Give me the taste give me the joy of summer wine
These are the days that bring new meaning
I feel the stillness of the sun and I feel fine

(More pics very soon – for those interested)

4 thoughts to “These are the days”

  1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide! Ingrid, you were inspired. He looks like such a lovely man. I’m going to check & see where I am in the line for the film. xxoo, BL

  2. @BL Well it wasn’t a coincidence that it was this book I wanted him to sign, that was a very planned thing to do. The only thing I hadn’t planned was meeting him like this. It was great.
    He surely is a lovely man, very charming, a real gentleman, fantastic actor, and very funny too.

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