Oh, James !

– You’re not putting the stuff back in the dishwasher are you ?
Oh, James !
I’m so glad I caught you before you did that !

(A woman on mobile phone at East Croydon station.)

Here is my take on it. James hated those bloody horrible ugly expensive crystal glasses they had inherited from her grandmother so much, that he decided to do something about it. And he had heard that dishwashers would be rather effective for that matter.

What do you think ?

6 thoughts to “Oh, James !”

  1. I hadn’t made the link to Bond yet – haha !
    But James Bond in his smoking lost in daily kitchen routines, that’s just great.

  2. The dishwasher is a slow death for crystal and other precious objects created before the 1950’s. James would be far more overt if he reheated leftovers in the crystal by placing them in the microwave. Perhaps James simply thought another trip through the power-scrub would remove the cakey bits that hadn’t been properly rinsed away previous to the first washing. Or not.

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