My normal The flatmate that normally lives here is out of the country for 2 months (me and the pirate had the appartment for ourselves for a week, Yoho – party!) and the next 6 weeks a temporary flatmate will be living here. She moved in yesterday, and is around my age (which is very young).

We have a small bathroom here that we share, and in this bathroom there are 4 shelves. Shelves you can use to put your bathroom stuff on. You know what I mean, I mean things like toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, soap, shampoo, hairgel, some cream, lip cream, suncream and after-sun. And ok, I do have about 3 different bottles of Eau de toilette standing there too.
All my stuff fills about half a shelve.

The other 3 shelves are my flatmates’. And they are stuffed to the very last inch (<- see I am a Brit know). Stuffed with mediteranean sea salt scrub cream (don't let Davy hear that), anti aging cremes (who are you fooling), 5 different types of lotion, 8 types of soap and shampoo (probably one for each day of the week), Hair revival kits (hair is dead, don't waste your energy), Hair survival kits, and Perfectionist with poly peptageen cellulides. I have no idea what that last one is for, but it sounds pretty scary to me. And this is only a small selection of the stuff that is standing there. One of us lost touch somehow here, I am just not entirely sure it is me this time.

5 thoughts to “Perfectionist”

  1. Obviously using the latest in pharmaceutical breakthrough products… are you sure she’s as young and dazzeling as you are?
    Seems to me that without those precious components she could look more like the one on the photo beneath this log… Don’t want to give you a scare.. just wondering…

  2. You should see my shaving stuff: 2 shaving creams (Proraso and Musgo Real), one shaving soap (Crema Sapone Extra Extra Purissima Cella), one lathering bowl (previously desert bowl), one badger brush in its own stand, two small bottles of shaving oil (Atlantic and American Crew) and two razors (Merkur Futur and 34c). Oh, and a pile of packets of blades and a bottle of aftershave (Nivea). But it would still fit on one shelve.

  3. “My normal flatmate is out of the country” you just said it
    she is NORMAL in the was she fights against bad looks and aging
    Do hope she is not out to one of these cheepo countries for getting a nose job done.

    This talk about shaving makes me nervous, I love my hair, me shelve is empty.

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