Enough now

The Girl In The CafeWell, how am I going to tell you this. The Girl DVD is lost – again.

My first reaction was – ok, that’s it, I have enough of it now, if it is simply impossible to keep the DVD travelling around, I stop this project.

But Davy heard me swearing, he hopped on the sofa (which was quite impressing with his one good leg and the crab, uhm, leg thingy) , and asked what was going on. I explained it to him, and that I was tired of it, and about to give up, as the fun of it was far gone now.

And he asked me why I had started this project in the first place.
And I told him why. Beautiful film, important subject, fantastic actor, Richard Curtis, Iceland, Sigur Ros, Damien Rice, you know, all that.
“So you are going to give all that up, just like that. What about the people on the waiting list ?”
“Ahrrr, I know! They have been on the list so long now, I wonder if they are still interested.”
“What if you send 2 DVD’s around, to speed it up a bit, one to Denmark, and from there to Australia and the USA, and the other one to Holland, and from there to Belgium. That way things will go faster, and the project will get alive again, I’m sure of that.”
“You know, you are a pretty clever pirate actually. What should I do without you.”.
He smiled.
I nearly smiled again too, have 2 DVD’s waiting here, am going to post them tomorrow.
I would be lost without this pirate.

(Wanna join ? You’re welcome!)

Love can’t change
what’s wrong in the world.
But it’s a start.


7 thoughts to “Enough now”

  1. Yes you are. And I’m really sorry about the delay!
    I send the DVD to Bj?rn tomorrow, should be with him in 2-3 days, and you are the next person after him.

    (And I will remember the other address !)

  2. Im looking forward to it Ingrid… Im still following your great postings even though I dont comment that much…

  3. Yes I can’t imagine a life without Davy anymore :-)

    The good news is that one of the 2 DVD’s has arrived in Denmark now, Ahoy !

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