Yeah Yeah Yeah – The First Day

Don't Panic

When I signed up for the course, in the beginning of February it seemed so far away. I hadn’t even moved to London there, and the future was somewhat uncertain. It was actually quite a silly thing to do, because lots of things might have happened, and I might never have settled in London. But that’s me, the impulsive girl. And things like that did not happen, and I can’t imagine living in any other city.

The course start date is coming nigh, and I just got a mail with the program for that first day. I was just joking then, about the fact that I wanted to talk to the people who had made the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy film, about Slartibartfast, and how it has been, filming that film. But dreams sometimes come true, because the person giving us an introduction to Camera is going to be the DOP (Director of Photography) of Hitchhikers Guide.

“The first day will be an introduction to Camera with DOP/Camera Operator Steve Brooke Smith (The Da Vinci Code, Hitchhiker?s Guide to the Galaxy), including a practical stills storyboard exercise. “

I nearly exploded of happiness when I read that.

I am also extremely nervous for this course, and being nervous kills my creativity which is not a good thing. Apart from that I am the girl equivalent of Lawrence, which means shy and self consious. That is not a good thing either, and I need to work hard to do something about it.

And I don’t know a single thing about film making. Will I be able to contribute with anything at all, and will I have any talent for it ?
The reason why I am doing this course is to get a bit of a feeling for the different phases in the filmmaking process, finding out the pieces I might be seriously interested in, to learn if I am any good at all at anything, learning a whole lot, and apart from that having fun (I will remember that). I don’t dare to dream about being any good in any of it.

Related to all this, I can say that I am currently working on a very interesting and fun project. I can’t say too much about it just yet, but it is great fun and a huge learning experience, whether the film academy course is going to be a success or not.

Pfew – the bouncing balls are back in my head again, it’s great.
Don’t Panic. I guess.

3 thoughts to “Yeah Yeah Yeah – The First Day”

  1. This feels like something major indeed! I wouldn’t bother myself with doubts about your filmmaking abilities; it’s a course, how much more can the other participants know? And in the end you’ll learn what you set out to learn about films and filmmaking.. as your goal was in the first place…

    I’m off to Canada for two weeks. See ya on the other end of this time. Have fun and shine bright!

  2. ingrid — this course sounds like it will be a great experience. I’m with Jan — if you can, tamp down your doubts and try to let your curiosity about everything guide you. I’d love to hear more about what you’re doing and learning!

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