I am not complete

There, I said it. I am missing something. When you look at my right ear, it is missing a piece on the corner. It looks like they run out of dna clay when making me. It looks a bit weird, and feels weird too, as the earshell is simply missing a piece. It is not that obvious, but is is noticable and boyfriends have been joking about it.
Normally I don’t think about it at all. So why do I write this, you wonder.
Because today in the Caterham train, I sad opposite a guy who had the exact same thing! He was missing a part of his right ear, on the same place as I do.

So we are not alone, and maybe I am an alien after all.

I actually took a picture of my ear, to go with this post, but decided not to post it. Not the least because of the shockingly increased number of grey hairs I spotted on it. Where did they come from, all of a sudden?!
I absolutely adore grey hair, on the heads of men, it makes them look distinguished and intelligent and interesting, but I am not really ready to have them myself.

Do you happen to miss a piece of your ear ?

9 thoughts to “I am not complete”

  1. So was there any sign of the other guy noticing this too? I’m afraid I don’t have a spare bit of right ear for you, sorry. I do, however, have grey hairs on my head, so I’m happy to know now that I look distinguished (they distinguish me from men with no grey hairs?), intelligent and interesting. On the other hand, I keep losing those hairs…

  2. Hey, my husband (huh, what an old-fashioned word), well, my husband’s ear is not complete, either. (I will have to check if it is his right or left ear.) I wonder if it is the same part that you are “missing”. A natural genetic enhancement, probably. Nothing to worry about. I join your worries about grey hair, though. I am spotting more and more WHITE ones, and I start hating well lit, mirrored-glass elevators… ;-)

  3. Oh, this is becoming interesting. “Genetic enhancement” that is a nice word for it :-) I am wondering if someone is using all those pieces we are missing for something in particular.

    If it is his right ear too, I am going to post my ear picture. Because then I want to know if it is the same thing. :-)

    Oh and the grey hair, I am not desperate or depressed about them. I normally don’t see the back of my head, but with this picture I suddenly saw them sneaking up on me from behind ! Those cheeky little b……

    Oh and Edwinek – there was a short vibe of recognition in the air, yes.
    And distinguished in the sense of “with a noble or dignified appearance.”

  4. Hey, at least you’re not missing your *entire* right ear, like me. I wonder how this post would’ve panned out if that were the case. :-)

  5. Ingrid, sorry I kept you waiting. Both ears are “missing” a piece, but the left is more palpable. I guessed someone took a bite when he was a baby, but L. says he was an elf, and his parents had him undergo an operation to make him look more like us humans. Unfortunately he would not let me take a picture of his ears for you to compare.

  6. Did I write “operation” (revealing my mother tongue)? Please replace it by “surgery”. :-)

  7. @Zazz – thanks for the thorough investigation, he is probably from another tribe then, missing pieces on both ears.

    @Russ – oh my, does that mean that you can’t hear anything on one side ?

  8. I looked it up in my extensive Doctor Who and HHGTTG reference works, but so far I haven’t found any alien with exactly that distinguishing feature. So a genetic upgrade seems reasonable an explanation yes.
    @Zazz: writing ‘operation’ doesn’t reveal your mother tongue, but your insecurity in writing in an language that you master quite well ;-) Operation as a word for surgery is perfectly okay.

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