Bill goes Blur

Bill Nighy Art III - Bill goes Blur
Bill Nighy Art III – Bill goes Blur

Even though I only saw him a split second yesterday (on the loose indeed, together with Alex Pettyfyer, and Alicia Silverstone, and Ewan McGregor(!)) it was enough. Enough to have me forget the things I should have been working on (the list is long), and enough to have me drawn to my drawing pad and pen and spent the rest of the evening and the early morning hours on “Bill goes Blur”. I must be insane.

I apologize for the inconvenience.
I love his glasses though.

4 thoughts to “Bill goes Blur”

  1. Oh my, I warn you, there is no way back after that. He is so good in State of Play (won a Bafta for it), it’s a more serious role, but you have to laugh regulary about his facial expressions anyway. Enjoy it !

  2. Yes and I can come up with a 1000 other ways to photoshop him. In fact, the ones shown here are only a very small representation of what I have already done to him. Digitally speaking that is.

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