Superman Returns (8.5/10) and Look both ways (8.5/10)

Kevin Spacey - Lex Luthor
Very nice suit Kevin.

Mainstream doesn’t have to be bad, sometimes it’s really good. In the case of Superman Returns for example. If you love superheroes, you will probably love this new superman movie. Directed by Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, X2), with Brandon Routh (who looks an awfully lot like Christopher Reeve), Kate Bosworth (maybe a bit to young for this role), and the delicious Kevin Spacey as baddy Lex Luthor.

The story is really much better than you might think (I nearly cried at some points), the special effects are great, the suit is, uhm, tight, Superman is not flying, he “soars” (as the Evening Standard wrote) and there is a nice twist too.

A very watchable movie so to speak. Kevin Spacey is a completely different actor than Bill Nighy, but I like him nearly as much. You can just tell how much fun he has had playing Luthor in this one, he is brilliant.

See this film ?
I should say so yes. (8.5/10)

Can’t wait to see Kevin Spacey on stage again in A Moon For The Misbegotten in September. And Bill Nighy has now been confirmed for the play in New York, it will run from the end of November, but tickets are not on sale yet.

I also saw Look Both Ways tonight. It was a screening in a very small, but cool (airconditioned) cinema. It is an Australian movie, which will be released in the UK in August this year. It is far from a blockbuster, there are no known actors in it, and there is no superhero in it either. It is about life, and about how bad news can change your life, for better and for worse. I was absolutely taken by this film, and could still feel it going around in my head long after I left the cinema. If it is going to make it to a cinema near you, you might want to see it. It’s good. (8.5/10)

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