Women + heatwave + shopping = dumb idea

I really don’t understand women who go shopping for clothes when it is 35 degrees (C) in London. I mean come on. Women who are actually willing to stand in a queue in front of the dressing rooms to try out some t-shirts and the accidental pair of trousers, when the sweat is running down your back. You have to be insane.

I paid my t-shirt and the accidental pair of trousers and went home.

I arrived at the door of my apartment building, and after checking my bag 3 times I was sure – my keys were not where they were supposed to be. They were gone.

Normally the apartment building door would have blocked me already, but it was open, because of the heat, so at least I could sit in front of the door of the apartment I live in. I would take it easy, read my book and wait for my flatmate.
While giving my bag a final check (no – they really were not there) I was about to sit down, but my flatmate arrived already. (incredible, what a timing). So I could at least enter my room, and sit on my sofa while worrying where the heck my keys were. I decided that the most reasonable explanation was that I had left them at my work.
I called my boss’ mobile, he wasn’t there. I called my work’s office, which was a ridiculous idea, as it was 8pm in the evening, and no one would possibly be as insane as being at the office at this time and in this heat. One of my colleagues picked up the phone (OooooKay), he checked my desk, but no keys. Bugger.

Now I was seriously worried. Not that it is that difficult to copy the 2 keys of the set of my flatmate, but we have a security key too which can’t be copied, and I could already imagine the problems to get another one of those. It took a short while before I got a vague idea.

I called the clothingshop, spoke to a nice guy called Hassan, who said that they indeed had found a set of keys, and if I could describe them. It was hot in my head, but I could. They were open until 9pm, I took a nice and (now) relaxing walk back to the shop. Picked up my keys, and thanked them for keeping them, and decided that I would not shop for clothes in heatwave weather again. I mean come on.

4 thoughts to “Women + heatwave + shopping = dumb idea”

  1. The owner of our nice v?relse in Copenhagen told us that she would go on a little break herself, to London, to go shopping. She was looking forward to it, except for the heatwave. You didn’t bump into her, by any chance?! And btw, I looked for your postcards in the Danish caf?s but no luck. So I bought a tv-2 cd instead, ha! What’s a vacation without a souvenir, after all.

  2. Might be I bumped in to her, there were many women shopping yesterday. :-)

    Postcards : they have been around – but might be they are all taken already.

    And a tv-2 cd eh, good choice !

  3. In fact, I don’t understand why shopkeepers let people fit clothes on hot summer days. After three fittings they can throw away unsold clothes because of the sweat stains.

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