Ok then

Lawrence (Bill Nighy), at the G8 in the Girl In The Cafe
Lawrence (Bill Nighy), at the G8 in the Girl In The Cafe

For all the people writing, calling, texting, buzzing me (I love you all for it thanks! Keep sending me mails about Bill it makes my day!) here we go one more time (with the risc of jeopardizing my own project).

I did already write it here but it doesn’t hurt to repeat it, if you live in the Netherlands:

The Girl In The Cafe – tonight at Nederland 3, 22:35 – 00:10

If you don’t live in the Netherlands : sign up here and have the film delivered to your mailbox.

Enjoy !

How did I suddenly end up having 2 weblogs about Bill Nighy? Tomorrow, or tonight maybe already, a review of Stormbreaker, and after that I promise to Cool Down a bit on the Nighy front. Maybe. Probably.

4 thoughts to “Ok then”

  1. There’s also a feature article in Vara TV Magazine, but I guess they don’t sell it over there :-)

  2. Thanks for the tip George. I have to see if I can find someone who has that magazine. I believe my grandparents do :-)

  3. I do..but I didn’t see it yet. Will have a look and send it to you, if you like.. (the girl was great. Again)

  4. Yesterday evening I saw the movie on Nederland 3 and I found it amazing, really the best movie I have seen in the past year or so !!! I wish they made more movies like these ….

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