We want you to live with us – sort of

A cafe around the corner in Page Street
A cafe just around the corner in Page Street

My flatmate decided that Africa was more interesting than London, and after a few weeks there, she has decided to leave London for good. That means that the other room in our toplocation appartment is going to be available for a new lodger, and we have to find a new person to live with. Well, this is interesting.

“We need to have a talk Davy” I said to him when I came home.

“What? About what? What did I do?”
“Nothing, nothing, you didn’t do anything! But, we need to find a new flatmate you and me”
“Ahrr, she is not coming back then is she?”
“Nope she isn’t. So we need to think about what we want. Do we want a boy or a girl ?”
He raised his left eyebrow, fairly high “A … boy? What’s going on ? What do you mean ?”
“Nothing is going on! I was just wondering, now that we can decide, should we go for a girl or a boy? This has nothing to do with you and me, I just thought, maybe a boy, you know, could be nice?”
“Let’s go for a girl” he said.
“What ? What’s going on, what do you mean? Don’t you like me anymore or what?”
Pfff, this was going to be complicated.
“Of course I do, but another man in the house, well I don’t know”.
“What if he is nice, and of course he should like you too. You will of course be there when we invite them for a viewing. And we might invite some girls too, and then we just pick the person we feel best about. Both of us. How’s that ?”
“That sounds like a plan. It must be someone who likes Pirates.” he mumbled.
“Obviously” I said “No doubt. Let’s make a list of what the perfect person should be like”.
We sat down an made a list. And after long talk, we came up with the following:

1. Should be nice, reliable, honest, witty and a non smoker.
2. Should like Bill, Pirates, tea, film and Hitchhikers
3. Should preferably be from the UK, have a really nice voice, with a billicious English accent.
4. Should have a great sense of humour.
5. Should at least stay for 6 months, as we hate goodbye’s.
6. Should not play loud music
7. Should be somewhere around our age (we are flexible though) but young at heart
8. Should want to live with a wannabe filmmaker and a Pirate, and share the kitchen and bathroom with us (not at the same time, mind you).

Do you know anyone ? Contact us! (Me and Davy take this very seriously, so we want to at least be able to meet you before we decide. Oh and this is not a dating attempt either, we’re fine thank you.)

(You can move in the 1st of September. The appartment is in Pimlico, on the most perfect location in London, and on walking distance from : Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham palace, and 3 tube stations (Victoria, Pimlico and St. James Park) and a 1.5 mile walk from The Cafe. And it is relatively cheap (?410,= ex. Bills which is about ?40 per month incl. internet). And we are nice people.)

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  1. I updated it in the description. :) Mind you “relatively cheap” for a location like this London that is.

  2. Hello, i`m writing from Portugal, my english is horrible but i want to say that i like your Blog. I have been im london, and i like to mutch

    Bests regards……..

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