3 things

Clean up

3 things before I go to sleep:

1. It’s exactly 5 months in London today. Hurray !
2. I am officially someones girlfriend. He is Italian.
3. Davy doesn’t want to speak to me – at all.

Now, don’t worry, things are not what they seem. But it is going to be a hell of a job to convince Davy that he still is the one. More about all this later, but don’t come and say that life in London is boring.

Tomorrow I am off to Beckenham all day, for a scriptwriting course. This is not a part of my film academy course, I just thought I could use a bit extra in that area. And on Sunday it is film school with half a day Directing and half a day Light.

Why are weekends so short? I can’t even sleep longer this time.
Enjoy yours.

6 thoughts to “3 things”

  1. You didn’t have to move to London for all that, you could have had all that in – say – Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen to… Honest… No, really…

  2. I think I’m going to watch “Gideon’s daughter” (with Bill Nighy) on TV tonight.
    For the Dutch readers: 22.40 on Ned. 3

  3. Great idea Pedro, Bill is excellent in it. And State of Play is broadcasted too on Tuesdays, which is probably even better, loads of fantastic British actors in it.

    @Jan – oh really, I know, Zeeuwsch Vlaanderen is so underrated !

  4. @BL: Things are not exactly what they seem here. I would, of course, never ever trade Davy for any other. I’ll explain later, as I have to catch the tube to filmschool now. :-)

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