Scriptwriting for dummies

Not all courses are good. Actually, the scriptwriting course I attended yesterday was crap. Even though the tutor had a lot of experience writing scripts, he didn’t reallly now how to teach. And in stead of learning us what to do when writing a script, it ended in discussions about film. Cool, I like discussions about film, but not when I have paid a lot of money to learn about script writing.

So I was pretty angry and disappointed about having wasted money and a whole day when I left the course. I took the train back to London, and there was only one place to go that could make me feel better. The Cafe indeed. It’s All I Need.

Even though London is extremely overcrowded with tourists at the moment, The Cafe is always a nice and quiet place to be. My favourite seat was available, I ordered soup of day, with a cup of tea, and read my Empire magazine. It was nice.

It was extremely busy though in Denman Street, which is rare, because it is so well hidden behind Piccadilly Circus and normally a quiet spot in the heart of London. And while I for a second hoped that all those people were demonstrating to keep the Cafe open, there was another reason.

Patrick Swayze has just made his debut on the West End. He plays in “Guys and Dolls” at the Piccadilly Theatre, which is about 40 meters from The Cafe. And at the time I was in The Cafe, the matinee show had just ended, and loads and loads of people where waiting to catch a glimpse of him when coming out of the theatre. I better get used to London being a celebrity crazy town. I didn’t leave my seat in The Cafe to go look for him though.

Filmschool is waiting. It’s Directing and Light today.

3 thoughts to “Scriptwriting for dummies”

  1. Rumour has it that his next stop wil be the Scheldetheater in Terneuzen…

    But that’s just a rumour…

  2. But why? He’s just a guy doing his job, and he’s not even particularly good at it. I’ve never understood celebrity culture. There are some people I admire, people who I think are fabulous at what they do, but I have no interest in spotting their scalp over the heads of a crowd or knowing what they like to eat on their sandwiches. I just want them to get on with it and produce their next bit of genius. The only personal thing about them I’d like to know is how they do it.

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