I dig it

Do not dig
Do not dig within 2 metres of this mast.
I have some explaining to do, or “3 things – the sequel”.

“Please let me explain” I said to Davy, after another day of total silence from his site. “Do you like to live here?” I asked him.
“Do you want to get rid of me now?” he said.
“NO, not at all. Come on, give me a chance to explain! Do you like this place?”
“Ahrr, yes, I like this place.” he nearly whispered. “I love the big bathtub especially, and being this close to the Thames is lovely.”
“Right. Now I love this place a lot too. It is bright, it’s a very nice room and it’s location is so perfect. I love to hear the Big Ben waking me in the mornings, and well you know, it is just great to live here. Officially we had to move out 7 months from now. But I got a deal. And if someone knows something about making deals it is you Dav’ ”
“What kind of deal?”
“Well, uhm, the deal is : We can stay here as long as we like …”
“That sounds far too good to be true, what is the catch? Did you sell him your sssoul?” he asked suspiciously.
“No. All I need to do is …”
“You don’t have to cut your heart out, do you. I can’t recommend that.”
“If people are coming to our door, asking questions …” I said quickly.
“Then what?”
“I have to tell them I am his girlfriend. You know the girlfriend of the Italian landlord.”
“And are you?”
“No of course not! Don’t be silly ! And he lives in Italy you know, so he is never here.”
“Did you sign an agreement? Did he mark you? Show me your hand.” he said.
“No absolutely not. I am not that stupid. Look.” I showed him my hand. “There is nothing.”
“Hmmm, that’s quite a deal.” he admitted. “So you can stay here as long as you want ?”
“WE can stay here as long as we want. You can stay here too you know”.
“I am sorry” he said.
“About what?”
“I am sorry about getting angry and not talking to you. I was just, you know, I was afraid you would sent me away.”
“Don’t worry. We are OK now, right?”

Everything is very fine now, and it is very nice to know that we don’t have to move out. Even though it is only a room I live in (but a good sized one) it feels a lot like home, I love the neighbourhood and I would be sad to leave this place. It is also reasonably prized, which is important should I decide to dive into a fulltime study program for a year (somewhere next year maybe). We dig this.

8 thoughts to “I dig it”

  1. Pfff – fantastic ! The site doesn’t work at all in Firefox, probably because Firefox isn’t a part of The Code. But I have to admit that The Code’s website beats the London way of doing it by a mile.

  2. Are you sure the Italian guy is not employed by the, er, firm? Being known as the official girl friend of the godfather’s cousin could be unpractical. But then again, who’d dare to mess with a pirate?

  3. Yes have to admit that the construction is somewhat weird, and I had a moment of doubt about it. But then, in practise he won’t be around anyway, and as you say, I feel pretty safe with the pirate.

  4. INGRID! (She screams one of those weird girl screams that means, I’m, like, such an idiot) You mean I was congratulating you on a meta-boyfriend the other day? A not real boyfriend? A faux friend? I should have guessed. After all, your heart is already taken by the pirate and Bill. xxoo, BL

  5. @BL – Uhm, I, uhm apologize :) The Italian is not a real boyfriend, well he exists as a person, and when people come and ask at the door I have to pretend that he is my boyfriend, so that part is actually true. But that is as far as it goes. You are right, there is no place for others in my heart at the moment :-)

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