Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit on sticks
Blurry but you get the idea, will try to make a film clip in stead tonight.

It started with a rejection
While I was really satisfied with my script for the upcoming Sunday film shoot, it got rejected.

Not because it wasn’t a good idea, they actually quite liked it, but it is technically too difficult to make in the time we have for it. So we had to change our plans, we had to go for another script and there is not going to be a reference to Love Actually in it. Which is of course a major drawback for me, but hey. How to handle rejections is a very necessary thing to learn if you are a wannabe a film maker. And the good thing was – at least they liked the idea.

How the day got better
I don’t know how it happened but I got mails from 4 different people yesterday who wanted to be added to the list, and the coolest thing : 2 of them are from countries the girl hasn’t visited yet : Scotland and Spain. I also have spoken to the lost girl in Denmark, she is back on track.

And ended magically
The next 3 weekends Trafalgar Square will be the centre of a big festival with spectacular outdoor performances. All the events presented here are for free. One of the absolute highlights for me is the performance of Strange Fruit, an Australian ensemble performing on long poles, which makes their performance very special, original and magical. I saw Strange Fruit for the very first time in Aarhus, when I had just moved there in 1996. I remember that I was completely taken by their appearance, and that I loved Aarhus for bringing such a performance to me. Here, 10 year later, living in a new city again, Strange Fruit is crossing my path again. I already saw a part of their performance yesterday, as I happened to walk past Trafalgar Square after another networking evening in the Actor’s Centre in Soho. I couldn’t resist watching it, they looked stunning in the dark weaving on their poles beautifully lighted and with beautiful music accompanying them. Tonight they do the same performance one more time, and I will be there from the very first minute. If you are in London, you should really see it.

(Strange Fruit is also the name of a fictive band. The lead singer’s last name is, yes, indeed it is.)

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