Lawless Cafe

The Girl in the Bus

Both Lawless Heart (in the replay after a long time – this is a very nice British film – I wonder if it ever made it to other countries, but very recommended) and The Girl In The Cafe (what the heck I felt I needed to concentrate on slightly different things – things are a bit, uhm, mad here, and so was I, so why not, it helped) on my TV screen this evening was nearly too much to handle. Luckily there are always ways to calm down again, but I am afraid you are the ones to suffer.

(After a talk with my editor – I modified this post slightly and deleted the other one, we didn’t like it the way it was. I think I need a break from writing here, a short one, will be back as soon as we come up with something decent to write. That might be tomorrow or the day after, or, since I am planning to visit The Cafe tonight, already tonight. You never know when inspiration comes to you, but I am sure it will.)

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