Things that make my day

The Girl In The CafePeople participating in TGITC on tour and loving the film. Sandra did, and she wrote a great review in English, and she watched it with Smile who wrote a great review in English too. Thank you both !

I am very happy to see that the DVD is creating a chain of positive reviews in weblogspace.

Do you have 2 hours and a stamp? Please join !

Love can’t change
what’s wrong in the world
But it’s a start

6 thoughts to “Things that make my day”

  1. You can use 2 hours to write a very good letter (on paper that is) to someone who doesn’t expect it, put it in an envelope, put the stamp on, post it and make someone happy.

    That’s just one of the things you could do, I can come up with more if you like?

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