How weird are you

Very Weird
when you, while watching a film in the cinema, for some bizarre reason nearly start crying because someone has switched on the projector in your head, and that projector is showing the ending of the film script you are writing at the moment. I could see it very clearly this ending, it is dramatic (which is why I really nearly felt the tears coming up) but I liked it.

This was a very long and confusing sentence I know, sorry about that. But it really happened, I am not kidding, and it was a very weird experience. But I think it is a good ending, and I am glad it came to me. But next time, can it wait with popping up until after the film I was supposed to watch in the cinema?

I would say – very weird.

2 thoughts to “How weird are you”

  1. Maybe a weird experience but I’d say you were simply immersed in your project. Not weird.

    But, agreed, it could have waited.

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