London : Treat Level CRITICAL

I heard some worrying words in my radio this morning, but I was still half in zombie mode to really get what they were talking about.

I just checked the BBC site.

MI5 has upgraded the threat level to Critical (which is the highest possible)
The current threat level is assessed as CRITICAL (as of 10th August 2006).
This means that an attack is expected imminently and indicates an extremely high level of threat to the UK.

‘Airlines terror plot’ disrupted
Heathrow is shut for incoming flights
Passenger flying from the UK may only take a plastic bag with hand luggage, with very little in it.

I have never really thought about the “dangers” of living in London. I still try not to, and I will not change my way of life because of it, but when I read all this, you wonder what kind of world it is we are living in. Am I worried? I don’t really know yet.

4 thoughts to “London : Treat Level CRITICAL”

  1. This strange thing happend to me this morning, I was on the Amsterdam airport for my trip to London, and the I saw the news on the television.
    Last year the same thing happend only a month earlier and then we arrived in London, now we cancelled our business trip.

  2. Yes a lot of flights to Heathrow have been cancelled, also from countries like Germany and Spain. I guess Schiphol has cancelled some flights too, as Heathrow is (was?) closed for all incoming traffic.

  3. When I read ‘treat level’ I thought about the pink shrimps again… I don’t know whether it’s really more dangerous now. If I were a terrorist I’d lie low and wait until the threat level goes back to normal and then strike. So maybe it’s even less dangerous now. I’d take it with a grain of salt, maybe even two, to be honest.

  4. Well the thing is, normally I don’t think about it at all. It’s when these things happen, the news being blown up to way out of proportion, that I start thinking about it. I am not seriously worried about it though. Which might be naive. Or not.

    “Treat level critical” could nicely have referred to Davy’s and Slarti’s crab experiments in Norway (and Charles and the pink shrimps too I guess) yes. There are too many idea’s for short films bubbling up here ! :)

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