Bye bye Microsoft Office

Hello Google Spreadsheet (tested and I love it, but I am not a very demanding spreadsheet user), but not the least hello Google Writely (still in Beta).

Admitted Writely (your online Word) has not been fully integrated into Google yet (and doesn’t have the google look either, but it is very Ajaxy), but it is amazing how well it works. You can actually mail your word doc to it and edit it online or create new documents from scratch. Perfect for CV’s and other documents you want to have available wherever you go.

It is also geared up for collaborative editing, and according to the website 50 people can edit it, at the same time. (they have to be in different sections of the document though to make this work). But being able to share documents like this, is a big step forward if you ask me.

Also on it’s way Google Disk, online storage and a Google like Powerpoint program.

Microsoft Office is going to have a hard time.

6 thoughts to “Bye bye Microsoft Office”

  1. one company storing your life, your work, your plans and no way to control how long it survives. Google is becoming fast another big brother world. yes, it is slick and convenient. But this generation of google owners (Brin, Page et. al.) will be gone at one point, what will others do with this gigantic pool of information? Nag Nag Nag

  2. I don’t want Google to read my e-mail, to read my spreadsheets, to know who my friends are by using Orkut or even read my documents. I don’t want Google to control my life.

    Google, go away.

  3. Google doesn’t control my life, it just makes it easier at some points.
    And WYSIWYG blog editing, no thanks, I will never use that anyway. I actually shut it off in WordPress. I like to control the html I write myself.

  4. Amen. “What you see is what you get” is so over. IT’s time we grew up and realised computers aren’t expensivr substitutes for pen and paper, they’re information machines. When writing for the web, “What you mean is what they get” is the thing to aim for.

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