Filmmaking day 6 : Editing – or 99 soulssssssah

Panico / London Film Academy

Don’t worry it’s not about Davy, even though he likes to think it is. And to be honest, it’s only about 1 soul, not 99. Confused ? Well, hopefully, things will clear up tomorrow or Wednesday.

But our last film making day went with editing the pieces of film we shot 2 weeks ago. In the mean time the film had been developed, and transferred to digital tapes, so the editing could be done on the computer. (For those interested we used Avid Express for it). Since we only had about 4 hours to edit, we had a professional editor doing the actual work, we just told him how we wanted it.

One big relief for me (I did the camera work) was to see that the shots where sharp and steady. Pfew. The actor really is great (if I ever make a feature film I want him in it) and very witty, and we are very satisfied with the end result.
We added music to it, and it’s amazing what that can do to a piece of film, it gets even more alive. And we added some sound effects to it too. Tomorrow all our shorts are going to be shown in a preview (very small one – no public access only us students) cinema in Soho, on the big screen. And after that there is a party and we get a copy of the film on a DVD.

I hope I somehow can get it converted to an Internet friendly format, so I can upload it, for those interested in seeing the end result of 6 Sundays of hard work. Don’t expect too much though, it’s only about 1 minute long. And looking back at it, it’s amazing how much work it actually has been, making a 1 minute film. Much work, but so much fun and a huge learning experience. Seeing what we have been able to create, I am quite proud of it – I now definitely want more.

So what’s next?
Well, hopefully some of us are going to group together to make another short film. I am going to do a screenwriting course, hopefully from September, in the evening. And more film school for sure. I am currently investigating the possibilities for either taking a year off and do a full time class, or go for a combination of a evening/weekend course for a year. The one year off option sounds very attractive to me, but it is also the most expensive one, as you both have to pay a high course fee, and survive a year without income, as I still want to be able to live in London.

Let’s see what the future brings. But is seems bright.

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  1. Yes, let’s hope your short film DVD is internet friendly. I’d love to see what you’ve been working on!

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