Get me the Kraken

Imagine your flatmate moving out, and while she was at it cancelling every possible service with it.

Things like : gas, water, telephone, internet would have been closed down a week from now had I not discovered it today.

You can’t imagine how angry I am. And what a hassle it is to get everything reconnected. Davy is off already, getting The Kraken. No f****** mercy this time.

7 thoughts to “Get me the Kraken”

  1. Yeah, uncool is the correct understatement. Btw. Is there any reason why only on your site my old gravatar keeps showing up?

  2. @Paul – the story is probably that every film has a villain. In the story of my life she is mine.
    Documentary maker aren’t you – we need to have a talk! :-)

    @Yak – yes because my wordpress plugin is caching them, it is solved now though. I like this new one! :-)

  3. She did it all herself. I am nearly done reconnecting everything again. Really a cool thing to do on your birthday :-)

  4. Hmm, “Documentary maker” is a bit of an overstatement – “took a camcorder on holiday once and spent three months trying to edit the footage afterwards” is more like it :) I think that’s one step down from runner, so keep that in mind during the boring bits of the September short movie, and congratulations on that.

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