He put a smile upon my face – or – the best birthday present ever


The postman just came, here in the office, delivering a stack of office mail. He does that every day, nothing interesting there really.
From in between this stack of office mail, one of my colleagues fished a slightly different envelope, and handed it over to me. I normally never get post at work, not unless I have ordered something at Amazon or such like, but they never send me handwritten envelopes like this. So I was a bit surprised.
I checked the envelope one more time, this groovy handwriting, haven’t I seen that somewhere before?
Yeah right, don’t be pathetically ridiculous.

As if he would:
1. send me post at all – get real – wake up – grow up – get a life – don’t be a fool
2. know I live in London
3. know where I work
4. have time to write, because as far as I know he is in the States (and while we are at it, we want him back in London!)

I slowly opened the envelope.

And found out that:

1. This handwritten envelope, post stamped on the 25th of August 2006, did, indeed, come from London
2. He had time to write and did so!
3. He somehow got hold of my work address (I have the nicest colleagues in the world, he comes from the area where I work, and one of my colleagues has some very good connections and contacted him, which is potentially interesting)
4. He wrote “Ingrid, thegirlinthecafe, love to you” – on a very funky picture of him drinking tea …
5. I nearly got a heart attack when I saw that
6. I can’t concentrate on work with an envelope with his handwriting laying just inches away from me
7. I sometimes worry about the amount of good things happening after I moved to London, this can’t go on, now can it?
8. I also wonder, how pathetic is it really, being 40 – and still behaving like this when things like this happen
9. “I dig this card like crazy”
10. This is the best birthday present EVER.

I need to buy a frame. And it will be put on a very prominent place on my wall, in my room in London. And I will look at it every day, and it will put a smile on my face ever so often.

Thank you so much for this – dear funky and groovy Man In The Cafe.

11 thoughts to “He put a smile upon my face – or – the best birthday present ever”

  1. Congratulation ! I think I know exactly how you feel, – I got a very nice handwritten letter from Steffen Brandt 5 years ago, – it filled my heart with joy, – an yes, it is in a frame hanging on the wall in my bedroom ;-)

  2. Oh, I remember where I was that day, I was attending a tv-2 concert that evening in Aarhus, which was weird, but good at the same time! Handwritten SB letters are actually quite heartfilling too, I have to admit. ;-) 2 great men, in many ways. And big inspirations, the both of them.

  3. (makes silly dance with Boris in his livingroom) Pathetic? I think that’s one of the most useless words in the dictionary. I think we should pitty those who have unlearned the joy of enthousiasm.


  4. Ah that is so very cool! Such a treasure. I know you will cherish it. :)

    This gives me hope that I will get a response from him someday. I wrote to him last month I think it was, so we shall see. Thank you for sharing.

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