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  1. They didn’t say. But when they totally close down a busy station like Clapham Junction (busiest trainstation in the UK), you can be sure someone somehow died. Either by accident, or because he or she jumped in front of a train.

  2. > “when they totally close down a busy station like Clapham Junction… you can be sure someone somehow died”

    You can also be sure when they say “Because of a fatality” :)

    So, you couldn’t stop thinking about them. What did you think?

  3. I had never really heard the term fatality before, so in the beginning I didn’t realize that someone had died. When I heard people talking about a jumper on the station I realized, and I was wondering what it was that had brought this person this far, as it is such a dramatic thing to do. And what a shock it must be for the people remaining, and the train driver, if that’s what happened.
    I had to wait for 2 hours, too much time to think as you can see.

  4. By the looks of it the person in question was not bothered by anything anymore. Strange though when you think that when his or hers life ended, time stood still for more people than he or she could have imagined.

    Maybe that person’s life wasn’t noticed. Maybe that seemingly unimportant life is the cause of all this. Imagine you beiing noticed, having such an impact, but had to die for it… weird.

  5. My aunt did it. 11 years ago. I had dreams for years running after her and trying to stop her from standing on the railtrack.
    2 of my friends were hit because of a low hanging sun and no railprotection and the newspapers had more comments from footballfans from Helmond Sport (!!!) who couldn’t go to a match in Venlo. Obviously way more important then an 18 and 16 year-old being killed bij a choo-choo. 7 or 8 people got killed at that spot before they decided some gates would come in handy.

  6. It was, but the pain faded and now it’s just part of the facts of my life.The boys mother mother had actually died 3 years earlier (never met her) and their stepbrother got into an accident a few years later and got paralyzed. We lost contact after the boys died though. Their dad was a very strange man. His bad luck is almost unbelievable. Like he’s robbed an Egyptian coffin or something !

  7. Just wanted to add to the comment of “being sure because of the word fatality” – well it seems not…

    …last night at Clapham Junction there was a girl trapped under the train from what I was told was an accident where she fell onto the track as the train came in. Unbelievably there was an announcement saying the usual ‘due to a suspected fatality there are delays…blah, blah, blah’ – this being announced as you can hear the poor lass screaming in pain and quite clearly alive and hanging in there. Was a horrific scene to see!

  8. I was searching the net to know what had hapenned. I was there at Clapham Junction (last week) and was happy I was gonna see my brother whom I hadn’t seen for months. Then I saw the whole scene just as you described. I must have been there at the same time as you… It was horrible. I heard the girl screaming, blood on the train and on the paramedics… Also they shouldn’t have announced thatm say there was an accident not a fatality!! And now I feel terrible because I tried to be happy when I saw my brother. Death is something weird and that girl’s gonna get me thinking for a long time…

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