On the other hand

She : Lip piercing in the middle of her lip, and a tongue piercing.

He: weird metal pins in the back of his neck.
A huge ring in his ear, not on, but in, he had an enormous hole in his left ear.
Tongue piercing. And 2 very sticky and sharp pins coming out of his underlip, and pointing out.

They were obviously very in love, actually.

But how do they do it.


I mean.


(Oh, and dear readers, I have been incredibly stupid. Nothing new there. The last picture I uploaded to my photoblog, the colourful one of 2 chairs in St. James Park, well I have accidently deleted it (because it was on Bill’s site – accident 2 – and deleted it from there not knowing I didn’t make a local copy). How stupid is that. If anyone has this picture in his or hers browser cache, I would be incredibly grateful if you could send it over. I might even give you, ehrm, a kiss if you do. This is cleared with Davy by the way, so don’t worry. Filename is stjamespark.png).

6 thoughts to “On the other hand”

  1. Weird like it looked like someone had hammered some spikes in his neck, and only the top of them were visible.

    The thing is, even though he looked quite impressive with his pins, and bald shaved head, I can understand why she fell for him. He had the sweetest eyes :-)

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