Don’t mess with us


The most annoying thing last Thursday was not the delay, it was the very rude traindriver. While things were very chaotic with lots of platform alterations and cancellations, I just wanted to doublecheck that the train I was in, in fact was the Caterham train. So I asked the traindriver, who passed me on his way to the front of the train.
“Excuse me, what train is this sir?”
“I can’t believe it. You just stepped into a train and you don’t even know where it is going to?” he bitched back.

And I thought “No a******, I take this train every day – just wanted to make sure, with this mess at the station at the moment”. But I didn’t say that.

In stead he said “Where do you need to go?”
And I said “Forget it”
Davy was very angry and so was I.

Today in the Caterham train we saw him again.
“Ahrr!” Davy said.
“No, no, easy now” I tried. But it was too late already.
At Balham station the train stopped working and had to be taken out of service, making the train driver the unpopular person he deserved to be. He had to stay behind, we entered a new train.
I looked at Davy.
He just raised his left eyebrow.
“Yes?” he said half smiling.
“You really are something” I said.

2 thoughts to “Don’t mess with us”

  1. I miss taking the train in Scotland all the time. It was fun since I never do it that often here in America. I never did talk to the drivers much though.

    I may say, good on Davy. He’s a good boy to you. :)

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