Brighton – all at sea, a man, 2 dogs and a seagull

I felt someone pulling my hair very gently.
“Wake up now” he whispered in my ear.

It was Davy, he was all packed and ready for the trip.
“Are we going now?”
“Uh, what ?” I looked at my clock, and was awake right away : 11:31 am. Fuck!
“Oh shit! Davy! Sorry! Why didn’t you wake me before?”
I jumped out of my bed, quickly did the bathroom essentials, grabbed my bag and was ready.
“So sorry Davy! But if we hurry we can be there around 1.30pm. And you know, we can stay as long as you like, we can watch the sun go down if you like.
It’s your day. Well, what’s left of it anyway. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”
We rushed to Victoria station, only to find out that I had forgotten my bloody Oyster card.
I looked at him and saw that I had just wasted the last bit of faith he had left in me. We missed the 12.06 train because of my stupidity.
“You hate me now, do you?”
He didn’t say anything.
OK, I won’t go back to get it, I’ll buy a day card here on the station in stead. Go buy something to read for the train while I get us tickets.”
He came back with a Guardian for me, and a Classic Boat magazine for himself. And chocolate. Which was a bit of a relief.
We caught the 12.36 train, and shortly after we were slicing through a beautiful green and hilly landscape. Davy sat beside the window, his face pressed against it, eagerly to see the sea. After a short walk from Brighton station, we can see the water glittering in front of us. There it is. The Sea.
He looks at me.
“Do you hate London?” I ask him.
“No. No, really I don’t. But I have missed this.”
“Me too” I admit “You know what, we are going to this more often, I promise you”.

And what did we think of Brighton you might wonder?
Well it was lovely to see the sea again, but that is also Brighton’s highlight. We loved the pebble beach, the convenience of not getting sand in your socks and other places while sitting on it. There was the famous Brighton pier, but that had been turned into a fun park and it smelled of chips, so we didn’t like that too much. We loved the old pier (see picture) much more. We are going to explore some other places at the beach, but we don’t think that Brighton is going to end in our top 5 to be honest. We had a really lovely day though.

4 thoughts to “Brighton”

  1. I saw Birghton some 23 years ago (auch), the pier has become artistically more atractive, but sad at the same time. Oh, well, that’s the way of things…

  2. Aw man, Brighton’s the best. They’ve got a lovely little swish-looking yet reasonably-priced restaurant-cum-bar with free wifi. I liked that.

    I’m a sucker for quaint British seaside towns.

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