London from high up

Yes this picture has been manipulated in Photoshop but only to make it look more funky.
This is the one and only original one, and it landed just in front of me today.

It was Open House weekend in London today, which meant that about 600 buildings where opening their doors to the public. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones scoring a ticket for The Gherkin, but I managed to see some of the buildings I wanted to see. I visited Channel 4’s headoffice as it is literally around the corner where I live, BBC’s broadcasting House (really good programs are being made her, including radioplays with British actors with nice voices). After that I rushed on to the head office of Ernst & Young, located beside the City Hall on the South Bank. The view from the board of directors room on the 9th floor was amazing, you could see from the Tower Bridge to the Big Ben.
Today I returned to the BBC, this time to visit their television studios in White City. I was in the last end of the group, looking at this big building in which I wouldn’t mind working, and then I suddenly heard a “Pssst”

I looked behind me and – was that really – the Tardis ?
Well yes it was, but the person calling me was definetely not Dr. Who.
“S. what on earth are you doing here? In the Tardis??”
“The Doctor let me lent it, he’s on holiday. I thought you would be here today, so here I am. It has been a while since I last saw you, so I thought, well, maybe you would like to join me for some tea, and a ride with this thing?”
“Goodness, what a surprise, and yes, would love to join you. How have you been, so nice to see you!”
“Oh, so good to see you too. I have been well, and …”
And we talked for hours while flying over London in this funky telephone booth. He delivered me at the same point we departed from, just in time for me to join the group while entering the BBC building. (time travelling is handy you see)
“I missed you S., I hope to see you soon again” I hugged him, told him to fly carefully. And I waved at him while I saw the Tardis slowly dissolving, right before my eyes.
Nice city really, London.

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