The Girl – still going strong

Bill Nighy in The Girl In The Cafe
Bill Nighy/Lawrence in The Girl In The Cafe

Let’s attempt to write something that makes sense, which is hard, as millions of balls are bouncing in my head at the moment. It is inevitable that Nighy will be a regular here the coming months, so be warned.

Nathan has participated in the TGITC on tour project and written a wonderful review about the film. (It is a long review, and if you are waiting for the film, you might want to wait reading the review until you have seen it, it might contain spoilers) But I am very happy to read that he loved the film.

I was totally astounded by the superb acting by Bill Nighy. He was so convincing as the somewhat older man, who didn?t feel home in this world, not any longer in his job, disappointed in himself, in his achievements.

No I didn’t pay him to write that. But quotes like that make me happy. Men like Bill Nighy too, that is good to read. Nathan wrote the same review in Dutch too for those interested. A Big thank you to Nathan for participating.

The list of people wanting to participate continues to grow, recently New Zealand has been added, and shortly Canada will be added too. I am very happy that the The Girl is travelling around the world like this, as she is carrying an important message.

Would you like to join ? Read more about TGITC on tour here, and signup.

Everyone is welcome.

Love can?t change
what?s wrong in the world.
But it?s a start.

2 thoughts to “The Girl – still going strong”

  1. Nathan must not be familiar with Bill Nighy’s work: I have seen him in many things, and he has always been great; he is probably my favourite male actor, to the point that if I know he is in something, it will tip the balance between me seeing it and not seeing it. The only other actor who has that effect on me is Steve Buscemi, and I guess they’re not a million miles apart in terms of their type.

  2. I knew Bill Nighy upfront, but he blasted me away too with this role. This is, for me, one of his very best parts, if not THE best. Until now, as there is much more to come.
    I like Steve Buscemi too by the way, also an unusual actor, unusual – in the good sense of the word.

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