UNI : and my heart goes boom, again

I just want your extra time, and your … kiss

But there are always the worries.

Worry number 1: I am too old to start all this.

The thought “why didn’t I start with this years ago” has struck me too often lately. But it somehow got set into perspective a bit when I entered the classroom yesterday. I came to sit next to F. And F. is a British lady, who didn’t want to tell me her age, but without insulting her, I am sure she is quite a bit over 70. She was one funky grandma. She wrote a script for a short her son made last year, liked it so much that she now decided to go for a course on Uni. Talking about inspiration, sometimes it can just come from people you end up sitting next to. So I decided to drop the “I am too old thought” for a while, after talking to her. And I was completely impressed by her. How cool, I want to be that young when I reach her age.

Worry number 2: Do I have any talent?
I have absolutely no idea. I really want to have some, as I can feel this is something I love love love to do. At the end of the first lesson I wanted to shout No no no – it can’t be over yet, let’s do some hours more. Homework is watching movies and reading scripts at the moment. How tough! I also need to buy some books. But after this course I end up having 2 things :
1. the answer on the question if I have a tiny bit of writing talent
2. a finished ready to roll script for a short film – which I, if I really am satisfied with it, intend to shoot

I still have the feature film in my head too, it wants to get out, but I am not ready for it yet. This course is going to make me more disciplined and more ready for it. And no more excuses for not writing, which is a very good thing, I need discipline. And as our tutor told us yesterday – don’t write a feature film before you have written at least 3 shorts.
But I can’t wait that long !
Well I better do.
Patience my dear – says Davy.

I stand up, look out of the window over the roofs of Croydon. The sky is blue, the sun shines. My computer screen behind me shows code waiting for me to finish. But I don’t want to write code, I want to write other stuff, I want to get back into that class and I want to dream about making films.

2 thoughts to “UNI : and my heart goes boom, again”

  1. Ingrid, keep pursuing those things you love, love, love to do. In the end, they are what matters. Besides, you are just the right age to tell stories– old enough to know what they mean. I look forward to your films! Write on, and rock on too.

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