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We wanted some Rock ‘n Roll, Davy and me, but the man in the TKTS booth said that the places left in the theatre were not particulary good ones. So we decided to drop it, and try to get cheap tickets for it on another day. No rush with this one.
“What shall we do then?” I asked Davy.
“Go home?” he suggested.
“We still don’t have internet at home and half of our tv channels are out of order for the same reason”.
“Let’s go to the internet cafe and check if there is a film we would like to see?”
“Mmpf” was all he said.
There wasn’t a film we particularly fancied seeing, so Davy got what he wanted, we shortly visited Waterstones for a book check, and went home.
“Gosh I miss my internet”.
“You sit behind a screen all day at work, don’t be silly. And – you could write.”
“Write. Yes I could, but I can’t write on my laptop when not online.”
“Why not?”
“Well, I want to check my mail, I want to have messenger on, I want to be able to google”
“That’s ridiculous”
“Wha’ – What?”
“All those things, they will distract you from your writing”
“Well …”
“You need to be more disciplined, I heard you say that yourself a few days ago. Well, this might be a good time to start.”
“When did you suddenly become this clever?”
So annoying that he is right all the time.

3 thoughts to “Wireaddict”

  1. “[…]Prague, where a rock’n’roll band comes to symbolise resistance to the Communist regime[…]”
    That reminds me of Plastic People of the Universe, a great Czech band that could be described like this.

  2. Your Davy is such a smart guy — I love having my internet connection up when I’m writing, but I’m a lot more productive when it’s out of reach. Are you working on a film script, then? Say more!! xo, BL

  3. @BL : I have been working on a film script for more than a year, but that is for a feature film. And it definitely lacks a great deal. My hopes for the screen writing course at Uni is that I learn enough to finally finish it. But still the advice from there was that one should at least write 3 shorts before even considering writing a feature one. So – I will soon be working on a script for a short, as we have to write one in order to pass the Uni course. The thing is, I don’t have any great ideas yet !! And that is driving me nuts.

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