That what’s his name calamari

South Croydon station
My colleagues did discover my blog a while ago already. I don’t really mind, if I didn’t want people to read me, I shouldn’t write here to begin with. What I find hard though, is that they are discussing it loudly while I am sitting next to them.
“Ingrid – You’ve been out with Davy! Ha, now we know who you are dating !!”

I was tempted to say – guys let me explain you a bit about who Davy is. But decided not to, this is much more fun. Just let them think they got something on me.

Another remark I heard recently:
“Wait a minute, wait a minute, you are going all the way to New York, to see that, what’s his name, man ?” (Add an enormous portion of disbelief here)

Wait a minute, yes, I do ! I had to answer, losing a fair bit of my respect here, and I got the “you are insane” look from them, again. Life’s tough at the office.

While I ate a few pink shrimps in the Caterham train home that evening, my eye fell on a quote in the London Paper, from that, what’s his name, man.

“Johnny Depp played a swashbuckling pirate, and then there was me, a giant calamari”.

Well this giant calamari better shows up in NY in December, otherwise I will have to have paella for dinner soon.

Tomorrow will be spend taking pictures around London, not just any pictures, but stills of locations we will use for shortfilm number 2 I am going to help out on. As an assistant DOP again, and no I didn’t write the script. I just take in every film making experience I can get, so if people want me to help out, I will. Next Thursday is going to be interesting too, as that day I will help out on a casting for shortfilm number 3. Here pairs of actors have to show their very best in order to get a role in this upcoming short. Lots of things happening on the film making front lately, good thing. Weekends are way way way too short lately, bad thing.

5 thoughts to “That what’s his name calamari”

  1. Co-Workers can be merciless. Hang in there, and always do what you believe is best for you…despite the crazy looks you may get.

  2. Thanks Leo, I normally don’t mind what other people think of my writing, because I know that it is weirdish sometimes. But them shouting it around in the office was something new I had to cope with. Not easy !

  3. Well, it’s like Peter Parker hearing Betty Brant saying nasty things about Spider-Man in the Daily Bugle offices, y’know? Part of the gig. With great power comes great responsibility; also occasional uncomfortable situations in the workplace.

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