I’m all at sea

I was clever enough to buy the traintickets up front, so I wouldn’t sleep half of my Saturday away again. The summer has returned to London, and England, so tomorrow we are going to leave the city, and will be all at Sea, for a day.

We just want to sit down somewhere in the sun, recharge and let the waves take care of things in heads. Waves are good. The city is certainly nice, but we need some fresh air now, and a sea view. The pirate has been begging me for weeks to go to the sea, so it’s about time.

More to look forward to : The new series of Extras, starting on Thursday on BBC2. I can’t wait, this time they have people like Sir Ian McKellen, Chris “Coldplay” Martin, Jonathan Ross, Daniel “Potter” Radcliffe, Orlando Bloom and David Bowie himself. Ricky was visiting Jonathan Ross’ talkshow tonight, and I think the neighbours could hear me laughing. He is absolutely the funniest man in the universe.

May your weekend be sunny.

Ready for take off – or random thoughts

Ready for take off

I am running, but I don’t exactly know in what direction. You know the feeling?

At the age of 40 I am going to study on a university for the first time in my life. It starts on the 25th of September, and I look forward to it. It’s part time. You will be encouraged to develop professional writing habits. Sounds good.

I just finished off something I have wanted to do for a long time, but never dared. Now it’s done, it’s out of my hands and I think I feel good about it. I think. I also feel close to a nervous breakdown about it. But hey, 100% of the shots you don’t take …

I am as restless as ever. I had a talk with the editor of my short film @ film school yesterday. About doing the full year course next year, if I should, or should not. And why or why not. And he said he would do it if he was me. But he isn’t me, and I really can’t find out what to do at the moment. It will not be before next fall, if it is going to be. So I might as well relax, let it be for now, stop thinking about it, and start thinking about it again when the time is right, which is next year. Got that? Stop thinking about it!

The set visit I talked about here is for the television series Primeval.
When strange anomalies in time start to appear all over England, Professor Cutter and his team have to help track down and capture all sorts of dangerous prehistoric creatures from Earth’s distant past.

A nice hook: Douglas Henshall who is going to play the main part, worked with Bill on Lawless Heart. I liked him a lot in that one, Douglas I mean. And Bill too, of course.
Don’t know when it is going to be, the set visit, but it is going to be.

Let’s finish with one to think about:
Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.

I am dancing like crazy. Can you hear the music?

You regret what you don’t do

So on Trafalgar Square I looked up at Nelson, to call down Davy first of all, as they seem to hang around all the time. Understandable, as Nelson is a sea man too, and he even has sailed the Caribbean Sea too, so lots of men talk going on up there. But I also needed Nelsons opinion. I got that, he blinked and nodded.
And when coming home I told Davy about my plans, and he said “Of course you are going to do that, I’ll help you.”
“You think it is going to work ?”
I don’t know, but you have to give it a shot, and see where it ends. What was that saying

“100 percent of the shots you don’t take don’t go in.” ”

And he was right, again. the worst that can happen is that I miss a shot, and that won’t be a disaster.


You don’t regret what you do
You regret what you don’t do

Garbo – Regrets

So I am going to do it, with a major dose of passion. I’ll let you know if I miss or not.

Don’t mess with us


The most annoying thing last Thursday was not the delay, it was the very rude traindriver. While things were very chaotic with lots of platform alterations and cancellations, I just wanted to doublecheck that the train I was in, in fact was the Caterham train. So I asked the traindriver, who passed me on his way to the front of the train.
“Excuse me, what train is this sir?”
“I can’t believe it. You just stepped into a train and you don’t even know where it is going to?” he bitched back.

And I thought “No a******, I take this train every day – just wanted to make sure, with this mess at the station at the moment”. But I didn’t say that.

In stead he said “Where do you need to go?”
And I said “Forget it”
Davy was very angry and so was I.

Today in the Caterham train we saw him again.
“Ahrr!” Davy said.
“No, no, easy now” I tried. But it was too late already.
At Balham station the train stopped working and had to be taken out of service, making the train driver the unpopular person he deserved to be. He had to stay behind, we entered a new train.
I looked at Davy.
He just raised his left eyebrow.
“Yes?” he said half smiling.
“You really are something” I said.

Shorts – and the road ahead

Not being on the film course anymore has the risk of falling into a film making gap. But I am trying hard to stay out of it. The runner job in September is one thing, and yesterday I was at a kick off meeting for a short film project I am going to help on together with some of my class mates. It looks very promising all together, the woman writing the script is both a professional screenwriter and producer. So this is going to be fun. Apart from that I scored a day on a professional film set (feature film, and I forgot the title – and I am only going to watch – not work) somewhere in November. I have no idea where all this is going, and how it is going to end (hopefully it won’t), but again, last Thursday when I heard Jamie Payne talking passionately about his career as a director and filmmaker – my heart goes boom. I know what my ultimate goal is.

One day I want to do my own short film too, which is very easy to say but quite hard to do. The whole point is to find an original idea. There is lots of inspiration on the net, and there are some great shorts out there. Here is one of my absolute favourite ones, only 90 seconds, and made on a low to no budget.

Enjoy : The End.

Absolutely Brilliant.

On the other hand

She : Lip piercing in the middle of her lip, and a tongue piercing.

He: weird metal pins in the back of his neck.
A huge ring in his ear, not on, but in, he had an enormous hole in his left ear.
Tongue piercing. And 2 very sticky and sharp pins coming out of his underlip, and pointing out.

They were obviously very in love, actually.

But how do they do it.


I mean.


(Oh, and dear readers, I have been incredibly stupid. Nothing new there. The last picture I uploaded to my photoblog, the colourful one of 2 chairs in St. James Park, well I have accidently deleted it (because it was on Bill’s site – accident 2 – and deleted it from there not knowing I didn’t make a local copy). How stupid is that. If anyone has this picture in his or hers browser cache, I would be incredibly grateful if you could send it over. I might even give you, ehrm, a kiss if you do. This is cleared with Davy by the way, so don’t worry. Filename is stjamespark.png).