Crossing London in a Mini


The day started early, we wanted to catch the early sunlight on the first pictures. At 7.00am I stood up and wondered if we were going to see any sunlight at all. London was having a shower, not a regular one, a massive one. A shower where you can hear the water hitting the streets. I passed the post office, trying to stay dry under my umbrella, picked up another package than I had hoped for, and hopped out of the rain into the bus up north. Our first location was Highgate Cemetary, which is located in the north of London. It is a huge graveyard, beautifully located. It has been around for quite a while, and the surrounding forest has merged together with the gravestones. It is a great sight.

After that I went for my first car ride in London. My film partner (who will direct and who wrote the script) is the owner of a very funky mini cooper and we have crossed the city from Highgate to Camden to Islington and Finsbury, Grosvenor Square, St. Pauls, St. James Park, Westminster, Covent Garden and Waterloo. It was a long day indeed, but I saw parts of London I had never seen before, and we stumbled over scenes that were so perfect for the film we had in mind that we ended the day extremely tired but very satisfied.

Camden showed itself even more diverse than I had known it until now. Turned out that I still hadn’t seen all of it’s market, even though I have been there regularly during the summer, there is quite a bit more to discover there. And Camden has so many different faces that we are planning to do a great deal of the shoot in Camden.

Islington and Finsbury have some very nice areas too, and Grosvenor Square is the place where the American Embassy is located. This building is guarded day and night, wrapped in fences, and protected with concrete elements in order to stop any potential evil minded cars driving into the building. Welcome to the 21st century.

I took loads of pictures, the script is going to be adjusted after all the input and new ideas we got out of this day trip, and shooting is planned for November. I am probably not supposed to tell anything about this short, but one thing I particularly like is this : Nelson is going to be in it. I haven’t told him yet, no need to make him nervous already now.

In the memorial park near the American embassy I got the reward for a long day of work. I found this beautiful beautiful poem:

Time is too slow for those who wait.
Too swift for those who fear.
Too long for those who grieve.
Too short for those who rejoice.
But for those who love.
Time is not

“Time is not”.
I scribbled it down in my notebook, under the chapter with stuff about Love, Actually. It might become handy one day.

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  1. Great ride and poem and pix. I have a Mini Cooper and adore it but have never ever driven in London further in than Wimbledon (and have no intention of doing so!)

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