From posh to rock ‘n roll

I got a free ticket for a film at the Raindance festival. I had no idea what kind of film I was going to see, but it turned out to be Too Tough to Die: A Tribute to Johnny Ramone.
If you are a fan of the Ramones this is probably a must see. If you are a real true fan of the Ramones, you probably were there in the cinema, because Marky Ramone, one of the last Ramones alive, was there for a Q&A session after the film. Marky is a very popular guy, he has 5729 friends on Myspace. And Marky looked exactly as I remembered him from the days where I was truly young : tall, black clothes, too long hair (painted black) and a rock ‘n roll face.

If you are not a fan at all, like me, you would have bored yourself for about 2 hours, annoyed because the film was so loud that you couldn’t take a powernap. And wondering why everybody in the cinema seemed to think that the Ramones really were one of the biggest rock’n roll bands ever. Biggest rock ‘n roll band ever ? Rolling Stones would be my bet, but what do I know.

3 thoughts to “From posh to rock ‘n roll”

  1. The loudest concert I have ever been too was Monster Magnet. Even in the lobby my ears hurt.

    The Ramones’ gig was a good second. Very, very, very loud but I could still manage to stay in the room.

    Gabba gabba hey, as yak already said.

  2. The Rolling Stones may be successful, but true rock and roll is about burning brightly and briefly. All of the Stones are still alive. This is a good thing, but it’s not rock and roll.

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