Ch? complimento

The guy in the Curzon Soho ticketbooth:

“Are you German?”
“Ahhha. No, I am Dutch.”
“Oh, sorry, that must be quite an insult!”
“Well it isn’t the most sexy compliment ever, but hey.”
“I have been to Holland once, to Friesland in the north.”
He really tried hard.
“Where are you from then, you are not British either are you?”
“Aahh” I said.
“Ovviamente” is what I thought.

4 thoughts to “Ch? complimento”

  1. What’s the problem with Italian people, dear? And.. “CHE complimento” is written like this.

  2. Oh that’s google’s translator who can’t spell properly Italian then. And I have no problem with Italian people whatsoever really.

  3. Oh well, you can say you used a particular form of archaic italian XD
    “Ch?”, means “because”, and it was used decades and centuries ago…which is cool as the title of a post but it doesn’t really make sense in the context ?_?
    “Ovviamente” is right BTW.
    I didn’t want you to look like Colin Firth talking to Aurelia in Love Actually. He actually spoke italian instead of portuguese in the car while driving the girl. o.O” BTW, a bit of patriotism, you know what…

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