You’re driving me to insanity

Crazy Chick

Stand up.
Check your room.
Is there space enough?
Make sure of that, particularly on the floor.
Put the volume up.
Take off shoes unless they are comfortable.
Press play.

(Too late …)

Go nuts for a minute or three.
Realize that the lyrics aren’t great, but let’s state here that they are not far from the truth. For some people.

Was it good for you too?

I need professional help.

9 thoughts to “You’re driving me to insanity”

  1. :-) Funny, I did something really similar today. And I may need professional help too… badly (I’m sure you’d agree if you knew what I was listening to ;-) ).

  2. Oh no. Oh, no no no no no no no no no.

    Hey, has anyone seen the film version of Closer? I just watched it this evening. I thought it was pretty great.

  3. Oh no. No no no as in what a bad song that is ? :-)

    Uhm Closer, yes I have seen it. I just read my review back from Closer (in Dutch unfortunately) I didn’t like it at that time. (I am not a fan of Clive Owen really). The film didn’t really touch me in any way.

  4. @Smile : Well thank you ! I have been trying to find out who it was that made Naive (such a funky song!), and guess what : Kooks :-) I had no idea. I looooove his accent :-)

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