Harrods, London

No, London.

The British Museum?
No. Harrods.

The perfume departments on ground floors in shops like these are normally enough to keep me out. I hate the smell of 50 different perfumes mixed together to the scent of I don’t know what but it makes me want to puke. But Harrods gives one point on the becoming-a-londoner list, and so I went (with my scarf protecting my nose against smell attacks). Harrods is located in Knightsbridge, an area with a high posh alert. And big shop names like Armani, Gant, Svarovski and Prada. Not really my cup of tea. But I admit that Harrods is a beautiful building and especially the ground floor is beautifully decorated and designed, and so are the food halls. Too bad it is so busy. I would love to wander around in Harrods sometime without any people in the shop, I think there is a lot to see, and I don’t mean the things you can buy.

For the purists and continuity freaks wondering how I can visit Harrods while currently staying on Magrathea. Well, Harrods made it to Earth Mark II. I asked Slarti why, and he said he liked the Christmas lights so much. And the chocolates they sell in the food hall. (He’s got a real good point there).

If you have no idea what I am talking about, don’t worry, I often don’t have either.

Harrods : Piccadilly Line, Knightbridge station.

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