I want yours, do you want mine?

Nice pickup line now that I think about it.

So about Christmas, I don’t like it, the whole shop-til-you-drop concept is not me. And Christmas doesn’t seem to have a lot to do with Christmas any more, that’s maybe the biggest problem. I hate Christmas songs (except the one with Billy Mack) and the false sentimentality connected to it. The only thing I like about Christmas are the shopping lights in Regent Street (Thank you London) and sending Christmas cards. And receiving them, of course.

So in between script writing and daydreaming (more of the latter) I have designed a brand new The Girl card which I am going to have printed in a card shop in a special very limited edition. It is not your typical Christmas card, there is no Christmas tree on it nor any other Christmas ornaments. It’s more a New Year card to be honest, and it is a double one, in full colour. And there is the quote, of course. Well you know the style.

Now here is the deal. Do you want me to send you one?
If yes, the only thing you have to do is to send me a card back. And it doesn’t have to be a Christmas card, it may be any card.

If you want a card, send me your address and I’ll send you mine. The reason why I am annoying you with this already now is because I have to order somewhere at end of the month. The cards will of course not be send before somewhere in December.

Closed for sign up. All cards are booked!

Update : the card I will send is not the card shown here! It’s a new one.

Apart from all this, I was caught by passion yesterday, late, it was late (I have to use that in my defence) , too much Yorkshire Tea (listen to that voice and you want Yorkshire tea too) and a bag of those pink shrimps again. All that turned out to be a very dangerous combination. Before I knew it I had done it. More about that later.

It is raining in London today.
Ain’t no sunshine …

10 thoughts to “I want yours, do you want mine?”

  1. I stumbled across you blog a day or so ago while trying to find a menu for the make mine cafe on Regent Street. I found the menu (and got a great breakfast a result) but I must say I’ve rather pleased I’ve found this little space on the world wide web. It’s London Based (always a good thing) and I can’t wait to go through all the archives! Photography, drawings, ramblings about London and life. My type of thing! So thanks, and congrats on what so far seems like a fantasic blog.

  2. “Do you want me to send you one?”
    Couldn’t quite believe my eyes… email on the way!

    (and I finally understood the Yorkshire tea part – pity they don’t sell it on these parts ;) )

  3. @Anna : Thank you very much, but steady now or I get shy :) And welcome back in lovely London.

    @Jill – yes Yorkshire tea just tastes better (it’s good tea really also without the voice :-)

  4. My mother drinks Yorkshire Tea. I keep telling her that tea doens’t come from Yorkshire but does she listen? Does she buffalo!
    I adored shrimps when I was a kid (those and flying saucers) but when my kids had them thirty years later I was bitterly disappointed they just didn’t taste the same, much harder and chewier.

  5. I have to try these flying saucers, being a space girl and all, they look good. And Yorkshire tea, what can i say, your mother has taste. T-taste.

  6. It could be a mid-winter festival card. I believe British pagans used to have a big party on the shortest day of the year, cos, y’know: winter gets a bit depressing otherwise. I also think that the Christian Christmas festival may have switched its date to mid-winter to fit in with the existing tradition, and originally have been nearer easter in the calendar. Or something.

    So, anyhoo: this won’t do anything to make you like the season, but if any Christians start complaining about the lack of Christianity in it, tell them our pagan mid-winter festival was here first, before they co-opted it.

  7. Oh, except if you’re Christian. In that case, Merry Christmas! And happy birthday to little baby Jesus. Don’t worry about co-opting our pagan mid-winter festival, we’re cool with it.

  8. Paul : thanks for explaining. :-)
    I like the thought of a mid-winter festival. I am not a Christian, I am non religious. Which doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in things and people, I do. My believes just don’t fit in a religion box so to speak.

  9. Totally off-topic and regarding your last comment about religion: did they separate us at birth or something?? The more I read, the more I wonder ;-)

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