Oh Daniel

Daniel Craig
Mr. Blue Eyes

The first time I saw the new Bond was in Oxted cinema. Oxted is far, it’s even beyond the M25, which, for Londoners, nearly categorizes it as being on the country side.

The idea was nice, seeing Bond in a small independent cinema away from the West End, and it was cheap too. And the cinema was cosy, but absolutely not geared to show a film like this. Crappy sound (we had a hard time hearing what they were saying), and chairs making the noise of doors in a haunting house. Very. Annoying.

All that, and the fact that this is one of those films you simply have to see in the Odeon (mega screen and brilliant sound, but so overpriced) on Leicester Square, made me go again. Today.
Daniel’s blue eyes looked even more blue, and his b…

Bzzz. Just a sec, telephone.

– Davy! Wow, such noise! Where are you?
– Carribean Sea eh, you lucky pira…
– What do you mean, what is going on?
– What?
– You’re thinking about creating a Myspace website for …? For me? Why? I hate Myspace, it’s for 14 year old gir…
– Oh. That.
– You don’t want things like that here. No, I know, I got carried away yes. I’m sor..
– And the “Daniel Craig is sooo hot” thing, it was just a jo…
– No it will not happen again, and yes of course I still like you. He is quite cool though, Danie…
– No, I don’t want to marry Daniel Craig, no.
– I’m sorry OK.

A few minutes more on the phone with him solved this “misunderstanding”. He’s out sailing, he needed it, we’ll catch up again in New York around Christmas. Of course I miss him, it’s kind of lonely here without him. And quiet. Too quiet.

6 thoughts to “Oh Daniel”

  1. What a great place, the Oxted cinema. Must have been worth the long journey…
    I just love those old places which have got their own style/personality. Haven’t had the chance to see the new Bond yet, from what You tell, Ingrid, I might even love him as well ;-)

  2. @Dorte : Oxted cinema is indeed a very nice place. The style of the building reminded me of Austria or Switzerland.

    @Jill: I’m so sorry :)

  3. The style of the building is what’s known in the trade as “joke-oak” – phoney half-timber fronted buildings that were introduced by Victorians who tried to emulate Tudor styles (but hadn’t realised that the timber was white-washed in Tudor times, so looked different).

  4. @Tyger : I am. Tragic romantic that is me in a nutshell. Go see the film, you’ll love it.

    @bbm: wow thanks for the update about that, learning something new every day :)

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