One day at the time
Hence the gap.

He is tall, somewhere in his 20’s I think and he is here with his little sister (which is about 12) to see Flushed Away, in the NFT’s Movie Magic program, a program with film for younger audiences. Let’s not get into what a 40 year old was doing there.
I like him instantly, it’s the way he takes care of his sister.

“What do you want to be, odd or even?” he asks his sister holding the tickets.
“What do you mean?” she looks at him.
“Well seat 16 or 17, odd or even?”
She choses even, seat 16 on row G.
“That means I am the odd one then” he says to her, giving her 16, keeping 17 himself.
“Which is very appropriate” he mumbled after that. She didn’t hear him, but I did.
“Oh and you are a square too, 16, 4×4.” He started laughing and so did I.
I loved this guy, he was odd but very funny, and he had exactly the witty sense of humour I like.

I check my own ticket.
Row D. Seat 17. So odd.

(More about Flushed Away soon, the quote is from Jennifer Unlimited)

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